Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Machine Applique for Emporia Rose

Detail of an unfinished applique top by Rose Good Kretsinger, hand-appliqued.
Collection: Helen F. Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas

Emporia's Rose Kretsinger and the other applique artists we profile in our new Emporia Rose book were talented hand-appliquers. Our interpretations of their quilts in the book are primarily done in machine applique.

Detail of Karla Menaugh's interpretation of the Pennsylvania Beauty,
machine appliqued. Quilter: Lori Kukuk.

It's difficult to see the difference in the methods. Karla uses a machine applique technique that she has perfected. 

Detail of Spice Pink Table Runner by Karla Carney Menaugh.
Quilter: Kelly Cline

She explains a few of her methods in our new book Emporia Rose: Applique Quilts but you have an opportunity to take a comprehensive class in her techniques next Tuesday, July 8th in Independence Kansas at the first-time Astra Arts Festival. She'll be teaching her Quilting Master Class: Heirloom-Quality Machine Appliqué from 10 a.m. to 3.

Detail of Anna's Thistle by Karla Carney Menaugh.
Quilter: Lori Kukuk

The class description:
Quilting Master Class: Heirloom-Quality Machine Appliqué - Learn to machine appliqué with a technique that so closely mimics hand appliqué that most people won't be able to tell the difference without their reading glasses! Bring your sewing machine, fabric, and sewing supplies to class for hands-on instruction as you begin a folk art block designed by class teacher Karla Menaugh.

Read more about the class and enroll for $25 by clicking here:

Social Circles by Karla Menaugh

All the above blocks are patterned in Emporia Rose.


  1. That is beautiful quilting and I would love to be able to make my machine appliqué, look like hand work. I was thinking they should make a machine that could do that with thicker threads and needle;)


  2. It looks like a lovely book! Have searched the web to see if Karla has a teaching schedule with no success. Can you help?

  3. Neither Karla nor I are out on the road much, which is why the Independence event is noteworthy. But send me an email for her at materialcult@gmail.com and I will forward it to her.