Thursday, June 12, 2014

Broken Star Variations

I found this variation on the large central star quilt at the Smithsonian website.

It looks like the quilter had many of the parts for the standard Broken Star 
(BlockBase # 4007.5)
as in the Amish example above---
but followed her own muse.

Some quilters added their own ideas
and some subtracted a few parts. This one with a pink
border and diamonds of claret red and indigo prints may
be about 1900.

Mid 20th century?

From the Winedale collection at the University of Texas
Here the central star has been subtracted

And here some corners have been added.

I'm glad I stopped indexing patterns in the early 1970s. People have been
exercising a lot of creative options with this star geometry

particularly the Amish as in these two recent quilts

And the Lakota people as in the one below.

Red Bottom Tipis from the Smithsonian site.

I'm calling all these variations on BlockBase # 4077.5

See more about plain old
BlockBase # 4007.5 at this post:


  1. I've been really enjoying these star posts. They would make a wonderful book!!

  2. I've come back several times to look at these Broken Star Variations. Love the spirit of creativity in their makers.

  3. oh just beautiful I love these quilts
    the last one took my breath away…love that color combo
    thanks for sharing
    did you see I have been posting pictures of the antique quilt collection from MFA in Boston on my blog?