Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Morris Flowerpot in Broderie Perse

I have been Photoshopping throughout the long winter, thinking about the May Morris vase in a post a few weeks ago. 

What if you cut the stripes from this Daffodil Morris print
from the Morris Tapestry line I did for Moda?

And appliqued the vase as one piece.

And found some other flowers from say this Morris Apprentice line?

You'd have to consider the scale of the various flowers

And then there are plenty of leaves to add.

Most of the Morris collections we've done at Moda
go together across lines. We tend to stick to the same sage greens and indigo blues,
madder oranges etc.

You could do a cut-out-chintz (Broderie Perse) applique combined with embroidery.

You'd probably want to stick with the same color backgrounds for the flowers and for the block background. A white background wouldn't really work because most of the Morris reproductions have dark grounds. Appliqueing a flower with a dark ground to a light background is a lot more work.

I'd make the background dark, matching the florals.

I've got some new Cross Weave Wovens from Moda that are substantial enough to make a background.

Click here to see the colors:

More later---probably much later.


  1. I like how that looks in the vase and I do have some of my fabric left with the stripe pattern, great idea for them. I also traced out the design from the original, now I am going to redo it and make it more stitchery friendly.


  2. I wish the flowers were available in mirror image in the design.... something to think about when designing your next Line! LOL love that the colors from different collection meld together so well. makes for great mixing and matching

  3. Barbara-I am looking for the Laura Wheeler quilt pattern Lover's Knot. Is this pattern in any of your books? A friend made this quilt in 1980 and no longer has the pattern and I would love to make it. It is pattern #3010 in the Encyclopedia of Quilt blocks but I have been unable to find the pattern nonlinear. Thanks for hour help. JUDY

  4. Judy If it is in the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns it's in BlockBase the digitized version. Find someone who has BlockBase for PC's and have them print the templates out the size you want them.