Monday, March 17, 2014

Big Dotz Table Runner

Big Dotz Table Runner

I've been playing with EQ7 and Moda Charm Square precuts (5" square) and came up with a table runner design.

I started with my Civil War Jubilee collection from last summer. The prints are derived from antique fabrics, but if you use dark prints in graphic patchwork you get a modern look. The colors in that line tend to be dark and the most dramatic contrast is with a plain white. 

I was trying to make a pattern that got two pie-shaped pieces out of a 5" square. It's a tight fit but it can be done so you can get by with 2 packs of charm squares. Three packs would give you lots of room and choices.

I guess I made this block up.
I couldn't find it in BlockBase but found a close relation.
#2671 is unnamed.

I imported it into EQ7 and added another seam in each corner and printed
out templates for a 9" finished block.
If you wanted to change the size you could do the same and print it out .

Unnamed Block
Big Dotz
The table runner finishes to 18" x 54"
Blocks finish to 9"
You need 12.

Fabric Requirements
2 or 3 Charm Packs of dark prints
1 yard plain white for background and binding
3/4 yard for pieced back (Cut 2 rectangles 18-1/2" x 27-1/2" and piece into a long strip.)
Flannel or thin batting cut 22" x 58"

Cutting for a 9" Pieced Block
A - Using the template cut 8 pieces for each block----96 in all
B - Using the template cut 1 white per block---12 in all. Notice you only get half a template so it fits on one page. Make a plastic template twice that size.

Click on this, save it to a JPG or a Word file and print it so it's 8-1/2" x 11"

You could also applique it.

Cutting for a 9" Appliqued Block
A - Using the template cut 8 pieces for each block----96 in all
B - Cut 9-1/2" squares of the white fabric for the background.

Fold and press the block into quarters and diagonals so you have placement guides.

Piece a pair of A shapes as shown above. Turn the edges of curve under by basting or with glue, or leave the edges raw.
Then applique them to the corners.

Yayoi Kusama and George Clooney for W


WoolenSails said...

It looks beautiful with your fabrics and turned into a beautiful runner.


cahirasnana said...

I love this. Love the circles and how your fabrics look in this pattern.

Diane said...

"I like Big Dotz and I cannot lie!"

Unknown said...

I really enjoy your blogs. I am co-chair of contracts and programs our quilt guild in Naperville, IL. We meet the 3rd Thursday of the month. Do you do lectures and workshops? If so, are you available in 2015? I hope to hear from you soon.
Cheryl Barkdoll

Jo Ferguson said...

It's absolutely stunning. Thank you.

Barbara Brackman said...

I am retired from traveling to speak. Have to do my teaching through the internet. Hence, the blogs. Thanks for asking.

Unknown said...

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