Monday, December 9, 2013

Antique Quilt Shows Early 2014

Grab your coats and get ready to travel.
Here's a list of exhibits featuring antique quilts
through Spring, 2014.

GAR Feathered Star, Illinois
This quilt was shown in the Springfield venue last year

Illinois, Lockport
Illinois State Museum Lockport Gallery, Civil War Quilters: Loyal Hearts of Illinois
This show of quilts and other objects from the collection of the ISM, originating in Chicago and in Springfield last year, will open in Lockport May 6, 2014.

The Garden by Josephine Hunter Craig, Emporia, Kansas
Collection of the Kansas State Historical Society
Kansas, Topeka
Kansas Museum of History. Speaking of Quilts: Voices from the Collections and the Community.
Through August 31, 2014

From The Pilgrim/Roy Collection

Massachusetts, Boston
Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Quilts and Color: The Pilgrim/Roy Collection.
Through July 27, 2014.
60 quilts chosen for color and graphics by Gerry Roy and the late Paul Pilgrim.
Massachusetts, Lowell
New England Quilt Museum: 
     Roots of Modern Quilting: A Fresh Look at Old Quilts. Through December 28, 2013.
    Charmed: Every Piece Is Different. April 17-July 6, 2014

Whole-cloth quilt pattern
by Linda Baumgarten

Nebraska, Lincoln
International Quilt Study Center and Quilt Museum:
Design Dynamics of Log Cabins, quilts from the Holstein collection.

The Whole Story: Quilting Patterns. Guest Curator: Linda Baumgarten, Curator of Textiles and Costumes at Colonial Williamsburg with Carolyn Ducey. Through June 1, 2014.
 Expanding the Collection: Recent Acquisitions 

Made for “AK” in Pennsylvania the textile
illustrates the life of a Zouave soldier. 
Collection of Kelly Kinzle.

New York, Manhattan 
The New-York Historical Society. Homefront & Battlefield: Quilts & Context in the Civil War.
Curated by Madelyn Shaw and Lynn Z. Bassett and organized by the American Textile History Museum, this 2013 show is up through August 24, 2014. Catalog available.

Edward Thorp Gallery “American Quilts and Coverlets from the 19th through Mid 20th Century,”  curated by Laura Fisher through June 7, 2014. 

Ohio, Cincinnati
Heritage Village Museum. Antique Quilt Exhibit, 19 quilts from the collection. 
Through July 27, 2014.

Oregon, Tillamook
Latimer Quilt & Textile Center. Bill Volckening's Collection: Quilts made between 1780 and 1850.
March 3-May 4, 2014.

Virginia, Mt. Crawford
Textiles in 18th & 19th c. Virginia. June 14, 2014.
One-day seminar at Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates Gallery. 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM ET. Speakers: Mary Holton Robare, Kim Ivey, Kathleen Staples, Jeffrey S. Evans.

Virginia, Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg. Foster and Muriel McCarl Gallery. Quilts in the Baltimore Manner. 
A dozen quilts 1845 to 1855. Curated by Linda Baumgarten and Kim Ivey.
Through May 11, 2014.

DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum. Threads of Feeling: Poignant Stories.
Exhibit from London's Foundling Hospital features scraps of mid-18th century fabrics left as tokens with abandoned babies. Though not a quilt exhibit, the fabrics and the stories are fascinating. Through May 26, 2014.

Virginia, Winchester
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, A Collection of Quilts (from the society's collection.)
Through Oct 31, 2014.
Also June 13-15, 2014, Quaker Quilts - Special 3-Day Exhibit.


  1. The Interwoven Globe exhibit was incredible. The most amazing aspect for me was the delicate embroidery. The stitches were so tiny that from only a slight distance it could have been applique.

  2. Espectacular y ahora tenemos muchas herramientas que nos ayudan para coser,cortar,cuadrar.
    Son una maravilla y el quilt de piƱas me encanta!