Friday, October 25, 2013

Houston Quilt Market: My Virtual Booth

My Quilt Market Virtual Booth
to showcase my new Ladies' Album collection for Moda:
Me and my assistant Dottie in a mish-mash of Victorian clutter.

Quilt Market begins today in Houston with Schoolhouse classes.
I won't be there but I always like to plan a virtual booth. My fabric line that Moda is
introducing at Market is called Ladies' Album, a 19th-century reproduction collection
with a focus on bronzey browns, olives and raspberry pinks.

Moda designer Susan Stiff and I came up with this
Ladies' Album design for the line's signature quilt,
right behind Dottie on the couch and the doll on the chair.

Shop owners will be ordering fabric for early 2014 delivery.
 I'll keep you posted on the progress.

The time frame is 1860-1890

The browns tend to be from the greener side of the palette,
an echo of the new dye called Manganese Bronze at the end of the 19th century.
The greens are more olive than blue-green.

Pinks are backgrounds rather than figures.

With dark blues for the dark contrasts.

Denniele Bohannon is working with a Layer Cake of 10" squares
for this spool of curved piecing.

The narrative theme is the 19th-century fashion for albums, both quilted and bound paper. Every home had a table to display the bound albums.

Note the table in my booth full of mementos.

Special show albums were part of the necessary decor.

The 19th-century fashion for bound albums is echoed in signed album quilts.

Reds and tans fill out the color scheme in Ladies' Album.

Thanks for visiting my virtual booth.
I'd invite you in to sit down but there isn't much room.

Update---Here's an actual picture of
the real quilt at the Moda booth at Market.
We have a nautical theme this year.


  1. As queen of 21st century clutter I could find a seat! I will have to start referring to my Victorian way of life. Can't wait to add some raspberry to the fabric "grouping" in each and every room.

  2. I always look forward to seeing your virtual booth. It didn't disappoint. The new line is lovely.

  3. Ladies' Album is such a beautiful line! Love your virtual booth.

  4. I love your virtual booth, that is so fun and creative.
    Also love the pattern you did up for the new fabrics. I plan on concentrating on making more quilts and finishing the ones I started, after the holidays.


  5. Loved the tour of your booth ... and new fabric line.

  6. great booth, I especially love the large floral fabric. Can't wait for it to be releasedw

  7. I love your booth!! That pattern with the x is amazing. This is going to be a real winner and one that is now on my list. Thanks so much. Your's is #2 on my want list for 2014!!

  8. You and Dottie look right at home in your Victorian Parlor - she perhaps a little more comfortable than you. I can't wait to get my scissors and needle into this gorgeous fabric.

  9. Wow - those are beautiful colors! Love your virtual booth too!!

  10. Great idea to have a virtual booth, love your new fabric line!

  11. I love Lady's Album fabrics and ordered some today. Where do I find the patterns to go with this luscious fabric? I ordered two layer cakes. midwayfarms@hughes.net