Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quilts From My Patterns

Carolyn at Quiltmaker magazine posted this photo of a quilt she liked at a show in Berthoud, Colorado.
It's from my book Prairie Flower.

Although most of these books are out of print, all are available used. Over in the left-hand column you can click on the Amazon logos to see what they sell for.

And here's another one from the same book. A prizewinner!

I don't get much time to sew. I am too busy blogging and working out patterns in BlockBase. So it's great to see that SOMEBODY's sewing my designs.
Who those somebodies are is often hard to figure out. I apologize for posting quilts with no names. If they are yours let me know.
Here are some with names:

Kristen Westfall and her sampler made from my 
Borderland in Butternut and Blue.

Fabrics and Quilts posted their version of
the sampler from Facts & Fabrications.

Marcia showed me her version of the Women of Design sampler with her own
 clever set. She alternated the blocks with squeezed squares.

UPDATE: VaVis wanted to know what a squeezed square is.
I have called this rounded or pointed square a squeezed square for years.
The real name I guess in Pincushion or Orange Peel.
Makes a good alternate block!

Summer Garden by
Pam Botten of Minnesota,
inspired by our Susan McCord book

I found this one posted with the wrong label. I can't recall what it was labeled but it looked quite familiar
and then I realized it was a version of Carol Gilham Jones's cover quilt on America's Printed Fabrics.

Thanks to all you quiltmakers who use my patterns!


  1. We should be thanking you for doing the patterns for us to use.

    So thanks for all your hard work and effort. I love learning the history of things from you. You make it interesting.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations ladies... Thanks Barbara for your dedication to the art and the era.

  3. It must be rewarding to see your designs made into beautiful quilts and these are all wonderful examples. I never got to finish my quilt for summer, so it will have to be set aside till after the holidays, too many fall and christmas quilts to get started;)


  4. Please elaborate about a "squeezed square". I have never heard the term before

  5. Va Vis-I added a picture. See the post.

  6. All of your work and patterns are invaluable to we quilter who enjoy quilting in the past.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. I learn so much from you!! Thanks for sharing your love of quilts, patterns, and fabrics and their history. I have a question and would like to see if you can assist me in my search. I'm working on a quilt made by Salinda Rupp.All made--just doing the handquilting now! The pictures I have seen of the original refer to it as being in the America Hurrah Collection in NY. I believe this may be a antique store but can't track it any further. I'd like to learn where the quilt is now, is it ever exhibited, and what did Salinda's signature on the quilt looks like. Can you assist in solving this mystery?

    1. America Hurrah was an antique dealer in New York City for many years. They photographed the fabulous quilts that.passed through their store and allowed them to be published in many quilt books and calendars, especially in the early years after the quilt's revival of 1971. We would not have seen half of the quilts we now recognize without this contribution. The business has been closed for a while. I've been unable to find out what became of the incomparable photo collection and the records of the origins and whereabouts of their quilts which are now in museum collections or private hands. If anyone knows, I'd be grateful to learn who to contact.