Friday, July 19, 2013

String Theory

Discarded Beauty
by Janet Perkins
& The Sewhatevers

The Lawrence Arts Center invited Janet Perkins, a member of The Sewhatevers, to exhibit a lengthy piece for their show String Theory last month.

String Theory show

Janet asked our sewing group to donate those things, those thread savers, that we all use to begin and end a seam or test our stitch.

 We saved for months and handed them over to Carol Gilham Jones and Janet. We needed a lot as it had to go from floor to ceiling in the gallery.

Pretty soon our threadsavers were two-sided and quite flashy.

Janet strung them all up and it turned out nicely.

Large---yet easy to store.


  1. Love it. It would be perfect for the ground floor gallery in the point of the Flatiron building in NYC, which rotates exhibitions behind glass walls. Actually, they've featured a lot of art/installations by women. The Sewhatevers should contact them. Google Flatiron Prow Art Space.

  2. That is a new one to me. I sew and quilt by hand, so all those scraps would end up in quilts instead.

  3. I've come back again to take another look at this very cool display. I agree with Suzanne about taking it to a bigger venue!

  4. But you see we only have one string. All those other strings in the exhibit are from different artists. It would be interesting to get different stitch groups to make strings---but I am not in the exhibits curation business anymore, thank you very much.

  5. This is my favorite of all your posts!

  6. Wow! Another decoration for my sewing room - instead of just throwing them in the trash.

  7. Cool actually! I love the concept of it. I think these cloths represent how many blocks or projects were already done, right? What a fulfillment! Kudos to all crafters! I really find it cute and different. Keep it up! Anyway, just passed by to see what’s new. See ya around!

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