Saturday, May 18, 2013

Small Pieces

Mini Morris
by Ronna Robertson

We recently had our guild quilt show where we make 100 mini's to auction off for charity. Deb who was in charge packaged up some strips from my Morris Apprentice collection to see what people would do. Ronna's little lily is about 8" square.

Little Lily
by Joan Cooper
Joan's is a little bit bigger but not much. That's an impressive inner border there finishing to about 1/4 of an inch. I was lucky enough to buy this one.

Landscape by Noell Memmott
Noell made a field of flowers for her small landscape by piecing in the tulips.

I've also been trolling the internet looking for projects made with my fabric and have found several small things made out of little pieces.

The quilter at the Quilted Pineapple did an impressive feather on a mini called Redville, pieced out of the Moda Candy precuts for Metropolitan Fair.
Click here and scroll down to see Greenville too.

Here's a tiny four-patch by Wendy on the Busy Thimble blog, also from Metropolitan Fair.
Click here and scroll down to see the whole thing:

And here's another mini for the guild by Mary Watson, done from small pieces of the Civil War Homefront line and a shirting print for a neutral.

This is a larger quilt made from the Morris Apprentice and other prints from Antarabesque's blog:

She alternated two blocks and created interesting secondary patterns.

Thanks to all the stitchers who use my fabric in ways I'd never think of.


suzanne said...

No one should miss the full effect of the border on the four patch by busythimble. It's definitely worth clicking the link. Fabulous use of the unusual stripe!

Antarabesque said...

Thank you for providing us with such lushious, fabulous fabrics to fuel our passions.


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful pieces and I enjoy making mini pieces. After I finish my piece I might try it in doll scale and use fusibles for the appliqu├ęs.


Linda said...

I love small quilts and I love all your fabric!!! Imagine my glee and delight to see my little Redville quilt right here!!!! Best surprise EVER!!! :-)