Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Medallions and Digitization

Eagle Medallion
by Kathy Ronsheimer

Kathy Ronsheimer sent a photo of a lovely quilt she has finished, a medallion framing a panel with an eagle in a chintz wreath. 

She used a lot of fabric from my Lately Arrived From London chintz line of a few years ago but I didn't have anything to do with the panel.

Panels are a great way to start designing a medallion and 
I thought I'd better figure out who made this one.

I had a picture of Judy's half of the yardage
but I was getting no where in searching for words like panel eagle chintz.
Then I decided it was time to try the Google "search by image" function.

In the image page: notice that camera in the box. Click on that and upload the photo you are trying to match.

The thing (whatever it is) actually found a similar image. I clicked on it.

And found the name of the fabric:
Early Elegance by Roberta Bevin

It was printed in two colorways.

And of course once you've seen Kathy's quilt at the top you will have to have it. I remembered Kathy mentioned she used a published pattern to make those slightly offset stars in a border....
So I thought I could try the image finder for the quilt.

No luck. It seems to go by color.
Apparently this Spanish-language dance poster is related to Kathy's quilt in some digital fashion.

I did, however, find the border pattern the old fashioned way. 
I stumbled upon it:
Star Spangled from Planted Seed Designs.

And I noticed that The Stitchin Post is selling a kit for Star Spangled cut from my Morris Apprentice prints.

Monica recognized the offset star border in Sue Garman's Stars for a New Day medallion:

I'll keep trying the image finder thing. It's got to be good for something....


  1. I can tell you that I immediately recognized that sawtooth star border from Sue Garman's Stars for a New Day, which was the 2009 BOM for The Quilt Show.

    Another quilt on my to do list!

  2. Beautiful quilt and i like the idea of using an eagle print in a quilt for the main design.


  3. Thank you for telling us about the Google image find tool. That will come in very handy when I'm trying to find a certain fabric. Already used it to find the name of a panel that I had with "no name".

  4. I can see there is still a lot left to learn about the internet for this old lady. Thanks.

  5. The Digital Public Library of America just went live. http://dp.la/

    It has images from libraries, archives, and museums. I haven't checked but there may be quilt images.

  6. Awesome tip--I can't wait to try this out!

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  8. You keep trying.... but for my money Barbara is better than good for something. Always enjoy your posts.

  9. I just won this panel in a quilt group on Facebook She posted the salvage. It is Early Elegance 1830-1850 by Roberta Bevin for Blue Hill. The lady is in Australia. I found your post doing my own research on it lol. Thanks for the picture ideas!