Sunday, March 24, 2013

Civil War Jubilee Dress Prints

#8257 Birds in the Air

The prints in my next Moda reproduction collection called Civil War Jubilee reflect print styles fashionable for women's dresses during the 1840-1875 period. Above a striped paisley.

All those scraps from dressmaking wound up in quilts too.
Here's a view of the prints, which won't be in shops till summer, but you can start planning.

#8250 Harmony
Harmony is a classic foulard, a small figure placed on a gridded diagonal repeat, the fashion necessity in the 1860s.

#8251 Nightwatch
The formal print layout is echoed in the patriotic print here, 
Nightwatch, which is a star pinning a grid. 
Window-pane checks were quite the thing in the 1860s.

#8255 Jubilo
Jubilo is a scattered floral, reflecting the print in this white-collared, 
belted, hoop-skirted fashion of the 1860s.

#8256 Lincoln's Legacy
 Lincoln's Legacy is another scattered floral, 
here with a portrait from the 1850s---different dress silhouette.

#8258 Freedom
The baby is wearing a sprigged print like Freedom.

#8252 Celebration
A larger version of a sprig, trailing across a dress
from the 1870s, maybe the '80s.

#8254 A Capella
Here's the most dramatic print in the collection, which I called A Capella. The woman is wearing a similar print in a photo probably from the 1880s. (More about the print names in a later post.)

#8253 January 1st
But the overarching theme during the Civil War was mourning. January 1st is a dark floral that would be appropriate in purples for half-mourning, the transitional stage in the hierarchy of clothing showing respect for the deceased. 

Moda has posted the PDF with the overview of the Civil War Jubilee prints here:

That means the precuts should be available in a couple of weeks---I'm guessing May 1st.


Jacqueline said...

Am looking forward to seeing these fabrics in person.

Kathie said...

OH I am going to need this look at that red print and I see purples! I am so low on purples again...
love that red sprig too perfect for a sashing...oohh so glad we don't have to wait months for this one !!!!

Johanna said...

Another beautiful collection!

Mackin-Art said...

I am going to HAVE to purchase a dress length of that paisley - just gorgrous!

Betty Lou said...

Love the complete line, the colors seems to be a bit more vibrant. Will need some Jubilee in my stash.

Lori said...

Looks like a great reproduction line!!

Jo said...

Oh yes! I see fussy cutting with the paisley! Lincoln's Legacy and Nightwatch are gorgeous, can't wait to see them all!

suzanne said...

That red striped paisley. I like to see complex designs like that in really big pieces. So "Hello backing!" for my red, gold & brown Sunflower block Kansas suffragist quilt. Thanks.

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

LOVE the new fabric collection ...so looking forward to getting it! Beautiful collection Barbara!!!

WoolenSails said...

I really love this line, love the prints and love the dark, rich shades, definitely something to make a beautiful quilt with.


Karen in Breezy Point said...

I'll be watching for the new line--my favorite is Nightwatch. I think it would be a fun addition to my stash.

Rosemary Youngs said...

Just love the new fabric collection, can't wait to see it released.

Kay Butler said...

These fabrics will be perfect to reproduce a couple of antique quilts I have in mind. Thanks for helping to make this possible! :)

Merilyn said...

These prints are absolutely beautiful, I especially love the shade of purple you have used in this collection!!!! I may not comment often on your blog, but every post is read with great interest and appreciation of the research and presentation you provide. Thankyou!