Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pieced Woven Heart

Vintage woven paper heart

I've had pictures of these hearts woven of paper on the digital bulletin board for years, trying to figure out a way to actually weave them out of 2-1/2" fabric strips.
Too 3-D for me.
But the other day I was thinking up strip quilts in EQ7 and came up with this, which is a pieced representation of a simple version.

It uses 2-1/2" strips---something you may have around the house.

It's based on a red and white nine-patch that finishes to 6" square. 
To make the best use of the 2-1/2" precut strips the whole block finishes to 11-1/2"

A Cut 2-1/2" squares for the Nine Patch, 5 red, 4 pink.
B Cut 1 square 7" . Cut into 4 triangles with 2 cuts.
You only need one of these triangles per block

C Cut 1 square 6-5/8". Cut into 2 triangles with a diagonal cut.

For the strips:
Cut 6 strips 2-1/2" x 7-1/2". You'll trim these.

Quilt 56" x 56"
Make 16 heart blocks finishing to 11-1/2".
Join with 2" finished sashing strips and squares cut from 2-1/2" strips.

Links to more about the woven paper hearts, which are often called Swedish woven hearts.
The Folk Art Museum has a great piece:

Here are a lot of links:

Look for more images by doing a web search for words
Woven paper hearts

AND after I wrote this post I found a similar patchwork idea from Jackie Robinson in McCall's Quilting.
Click here for her take on the woven heart:


  1. Thanks! Neat pattern and fun links. I remember making these hearts in grade school.

  2. I have seen woven patterns and love the idea, be fun to try. We finally got our power back and at the same time our cable box died, so finally got that replaced, time to catch up.


  3. I think it must be very do-able with biais strips and then like the weave of a basket,tucked under at the ends. Haven't tried it yet.