Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Indigo Blue; Indigo New

Julee Prose sends pictures of her "Blue Denim" applique.

Julee Prose
Blue Denim

"It is all hand needle turned applique & hand quilted. I used the Legacy wool batting which allows better hand quilting. I free formed all the feathers on borders and around the wreaths and cross hatched vase blocks."

She used the "Shade Garden Sampler" pattern that Shauna Christensen designed for our book
Susan McCord. (See it over in the left-hand column.)

Julee has a great stash of blues; it's a color she uses often. If you love blues you will want to be buying the reproductions in Minick & Simpson's Indigo Crossing for Moda, which is scheduled to be in shops soon.

They did some wonderful reproductions of the traditional indigo resist prints.

Here's a picture of them showing off their stuff at Quilt Market. I pirated the photo from the Fat Quarter shop blog. http://fatquartershop.blogspot.com/
 Here's a link to the Indigo Crossings fabric at Moda:

And don't forget the indigos in my Morris reproductions
The Morris Apprentice.

Do a web search for Julee's other quilts by typing in her name and the word quilt.


  1. Barbara, would you fuss at Moda to get them to go back to the prior layout for fabric groups.... believe it or not thumb prints do NOTHING for the cataract bound CUSTOMERS who research what is coming. I have tried to email them in the beginning and got vague answers. Thanks.

  2. And another thing.... the month the collections were to hit the stores lets the customer know when to be looking for fabric. Not all of us want to shop with our mouse... we LIKE our local quilt stores.

  3. just gorgeous! I love those indigo blues-all of them

  4. Mimi---I prefer the old Moda interface too and I'll forward your comments. You know you can improve your own computer screen interface. I have a good friend who works for the American Foundation for the Blind and on her webpage she has a great tutorial on enlarging the images so you can see them. Copy this into your browser:


  5. That is a beautiful quilt and I do love the indigo blues.
    I used to have blue as my color scheme and then went to red and greens, now blue is in again.


  6. Barbara, guess what I read this afternoon? A moda blog post from end of Dec. (thirty days about over) AND found that at the top of the page is a gray bar with home catalog, etc etc, FUN STUFF.... click on fun stuff and then on fabric collections (box on right hand side of screen) voila.... one of the "old time" interfacings to dated collections!!!! big swatches and security blanket!!!!

  7. Thanks Mimi. I didn't see that blog post either.