Monday, October 8, 2012


The American Quilt Study Group held its annual seminar in Lincoln, Nebraska over the weekend.
I took 101 pictures so I will have a few posts over the next few weeks. This year's was the best attended ever---I think we have been meeting since 1981.
There were several shows of antique quilts to see. One was Connie Nordstrom's Pot of Flowers exhibit. Connie has been collecting information about a special applique pattern.

They are usually set as a four-block and have many berries and sometimes birds.

She says she's found over fifty examples of this quilt design.

It was a great exhibit with informative labels.
She's found two from about 1900 in northeastern Kansas.

This one nearly identical to one made by
Rose Kretsinger about 1930. Rose's inspiration?
Rose Kretsinger
Pride of Iowa
Spencer Museum of Art
This quilt wasn't in the exhibit but a photo was.

It was great to see her research and such amazing quilts.
One of the other great shows is the Vendor's Sale where some of the best quilt dealers bring their stuff. I guess we are such a sophisticated audience it's worth it to them to bring their stock.

Piqué Trouver
You don't often get to see quilts ranging from 1790 to 1950.

Stella Rubin

More Picqué
More details later
You'd better start planning for next year's American Quilt Study Group Seminar:

Seminar 2013 September 18-22 in Charleston, South Carolina



WoolenSails said...

I would love to attend that show, so many beautiful quilts and wonderful to have vendors there, as well.


Lady Locust said...

Wow! I am drooling on the screen. How beautiful. How little are those tiny berries that are appliqued?
You are very lucky.
Thank you for sharing.

Mary said...

thanks for taking us along

Featheronawire Sally Bramald said...

Glorious! Thank you for taking your camera along and sharing with us.

antique quilter said...

thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilts, I have always loved that pattern and enjoyed when I see an antique one noting the little differences in them
50 different ones WOW I hope she writes a book about them.....

YankeeQuilter said...

It was a wonderful seminar this year!

Rosemary Youngs said...

Loved your post, I did contact the Quilt complex and asked if they would be interested in selling The strip quilt. I usually don't buy antique quilts but it absolutely love that one. Thank you so much for sharing.