Friday, June 1, 2012

Kansas City Star Quilt Show

Maggie Bonanomi

The Star Books division of the Kansas City Star put on a quilt show at quilt market.

 They have a new press pavilion.

Quilts were displayed in the halls and staircases.

Here's a short tour.

 Beginning with this one, Prairie Flower by Jean Stanclift

Rosie Mayhew machine quilted it. I designed it.

 Jennifer Dick The Circuit Rider's Quilt

The Kansas City area has many talented quiltmakers and designers. The Star show featured quilts from their books.

We tend to do a lot of applique based on traditional design like this one from Kathy Delaney.

The contrast between the quilts and the views was impressive.

 Linda Brannock, American Beauty

Here is a shot of the ink for the presses. It's just like the inside of your color printer with cans for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Except the cans on the right towards the back are three stories high.

Barb Adams, Country Inn
 I always love to see Barb Adams's take on tradition.

 Barb Adams
Nosegay for Mother

I recognized the fabric as reproduction prints from a Moda collection I did with the Star several years ago, but Barb stripped some of the color out of the prints so they are more subdued

Alma Allen
Feather Your Nest

Barb and Alma have many Star books for Blackbird Designs


Maggie Bonanomi
Winter Garden

Deb Rowden Carrie Hall Sampler
next to Maggie's
More quilts in another post.
See the Star's book store here:


  1. what a lovely display-thank you for the tour-I enjoyed it very much

  2. Lot of wonderful quilts at the show, the best of the best in quilting. I started quilting one of mine yesterday, finally decided to use my large table so I could move the quilt around. Also cut out the rest of the ladies, so I can work on them this weekend. Now I am waiting to hear how bad the pipe damage is, to our main water pipe, no water and I want a shower, lol.


  3. Thank you for taking us on a tour of the KC Star quilt show, some beautiful quilts there! I wish I had made it there to see them in person. Have fun writing those books. Is hard work for you, but we LOVE your quilts, books, all the research and thoughts you put in them!

  4. What a fabulous show!!! I got excited just looking at your pictures - and thinking about how gorgeous they are in person. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I saw Maggie Bonanomi's beautiful work recently in Nantes, France - simply stunning!

  6. Dear Barbara,
    Thank you for documenting these quilts normally I would like NoseGay but Country Inn's rustic colours grabbed me. looking forward to next time from the land of Oz

  7. l,like brigitte saw maggie's gorgeous work in nantes, love it [and your work as well brigitte!!!

  8. l,like brigitte saw maggie's gorgeous work in nantes, love it [and your work as well brigitte!!!

  9. very fun to see all these quilts together....reminded me of a few I had wanted to make when I bought the books, hmmm adding them to the list again.
    of course would love to see more :)
    thanks for sharing

  10. I love that you connected the artists' work to their books, and especially my mother's. Somehow her books did not make it to the Star's show along with the other ones. It hurt me to see her disappointed like that. Karmen