Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Northern Lily/Southern Rose Block 9

The last applique block for the Northern Lily/Southern Rose sampler is the Indiana Bouquet (neither a lily or a rose.) I adapted the design from some Indiana quilts of the mid-19th-century. I was looking for regional designs and thought of the quilts of Susan McCord.

Northern Lily/Southern Rose
by Jerri McReynolds
Indiana Bouquet
by debi schrader

The block was inspired by Susan McCord's quilts but mainly by Mary Jane Kirkpatrick's quilt, which was pictured in the Quilts of Indiana book in 1991. The women lived in adjacent Indiana counties and their fanciful bowls of fruit and flowers have something in common but we don't know if they knew each other or saw each other's quilts.

Indiana Bouquet
by Ilyse Moore

I simplified the Indiana Bouquet from a design I drew for the Sunflower Pattern Co-operative book Susan McCord: The Unforgettable Artistry of an Indian Quilter

Shade Garden Sampler by Shauna Christensen
from our Susan McCord book.
Mary Jane's Compote is the block at top right.

Indiana Bouquet
by Barbara Brackman

I used Mary Jane's general shapes but I added Susan McCord's penchant for dots.

Harrison Rose Urn by Susan McCord

by Barbara Brackman
I love those dots

See more of Susan McCord's quilts by clicking on these links

Update at Noon central time on November 15th
I fixed the links....

and here is the link to the Quilting Genius exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum

Click on this link to see more about the book Susan McCord: The Unforgettable Artistry of an Indian Quilter by Barbara Brackman, Shauna Christensen and Deb Rowden.https://www.pickledishstore.com/productDetail.php?PID=1040

Mary Jane Takes Up Juggling
by Barbara Brackman
Our quilt guild had a challenge sponsored by Sarah's Fabrics in which we took a quarter yard of  Bee's Knees print and made a mini quilt.

I saw broken china and thought of the Indiana Bouquet block. I moved the dots off the vase and into the air.

Ask your quilt shop for the Moda pattern for Northern Lily/Southern Rose. Next month I'll show the quilting pattern.


  1. I have been looking at patterns and blocks that I can use my fabric on but I think I need to do some adapting myself, lol. I have a bit of folk art fraktur angel things in my bedroom, so maybe blocks with angels and flowers to show off the fabrics.


  2. I love these blocks! The dot fabric makes the back ground look so mysterious! I tried the first two links you posted but could not go to the page.

  3. I didn't know you'd done a book on Susan McCord. I NEED this book!