Saturday, October 15, 2011

Northern Lily/Southern Rose Block 8

Seth Thomas Rose from the kit illustration.

Block number 8 in this sampler of regional applique is a Southern rose.

Seth Thomas Rose by
Barbara Brackman

 Seth Thomas clock
In 1929 Ruby McKim featured the Seth Thomas Rose design in the Kansas City Star saying that Araminta Daniel Kreeger drew the pattern for the original quilt in 1862. Daughter Fannie told McKim that Araminta copied the design from the face of a Seth Thomas clock brought to Missouri from North Carolina. Shelf clocks often were decorated with hand-painted scenes and florals.

Seth Thomas Rose by Ilyse Moore

The clocks were made in New England but Araminta and Fannie Kreeger were Southerners---Missouri Confederates. Another of Araminta's quilts was stolen from the bed by Jayhawking Yankees during the Civil War. (See a post about that quilt here: http://civilwarquilts.blogspot.com/2011/10/40-order-number-eleven.html

Seth Thomas Rose by
debi schrader
It's an unusual pattern with the circles dotting the central flower.

 For my book
 Borderland in Butternut and Blue.
I made one like McKim's pattern, which had a vase.

Araminta's quilt has disappeared. Any quilts in the design seem to have been made in the 1930s after the pattern appeared in the newspaper. The one above is much like the newspaper pattern.

Here's one among a set of blocks for sale.
But I am always hoping to find Araminta's original.

Maybe this is it.
A big central rose, a footed urn, mid-19th-century---
recorded in the Iowa Quilt Project, purchased by a collector,
so no information about the maker.
See the whole quilt here at the Quilt Index


Back to the Northern Lily/Southern Rose Sampler.

Everyone is getting their blocks together. Ilyse used a triple strip border.

Jerri McReynolds used a green calico, a single strip.

debi set hers with alternating log cabin blocks. She started with a package of Layer Cakes from Civil War Reunion and added a few yards of a tan solid. She kept pulling leftovers out of her scrapbag, enough for a pieced striped border.

Susan Stiff used a print stripe for her inner border.
Next month the last applique block.


  1. I love the appliques, but I get frustrated too easy by trying to make them perfect, so I stick to simple ones;)
    Still trying to decide what to use my fabrics on, I do like the pattern, Jeff Davis' daughter. I am thinking the larger blocks would be great for the dresses and show off the prints.


  2. Wow I love this block, simple yet detailed. Isn't it wonderful how everyone has a different interpretation?

  3. These applique blocks are tempting me to start a big applique quilt!

    It's interesting to see the various quilts and the way the makers used fabrics.

    Good luck finding the missing quilt ;-)

  4. Thanks for alerting me to the Seth Thomas Rose variation that is in my current exhibit at the Willamette Heritage Center in Salem, Oregon. By doing so, you just made the morning program for the Columbia-Willamette Quilt Study Group. Thanks. Mary