Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seaflower and Lately Arrived PreCuts

Seaflower Quilt Top by Judy Severson 2011

Judy Severson is a friend who loves the look of early quilts. When I got the first yardage from Lately Arrived From London, the Moda reproduction prints that echo the early 1800s, I gave her some of the fabric.

She immediately started thinking about what she could do.

Detail of the center medallion
Cut-out chintz and hexagons are often her first ideas.
And good ones too.
Some of the fabrics she used.
She added a blue toile and some blues, greens and reds that aren't in this line.
She loves to applique butterflies here and there.

Judy named it Seaflower after this print,
 the large chintz, which is named after a trading ship.

The strips and squares and precuts should be in the shops today.


  1. Congrats to the winners, maybe Jan will bring her bounty to our next TAS meeting so we can see all the prints and colors!

  2. Oh, what an exquisite quilt. I can hardly wait to be able to get some of this fabric.

  3. Me again - is the center medallion pieced, or a solid piece of fabric?

  4. I really like your new line. I have been collecting fabrics to do a small Jane Austen quilt (like the one she did with her sister). It has been hard finding a medallion for the center! Anyway you might ever do a line with fabric replications (and medallion replication) from this historical quilt?