Friday, May 27, 2011

Apron Collection

I've recently festooned my friend Marty's salon/art gallery with some of the apron collection Terry Thompson and I share.

I've been buying aprons at the thrift shops for a long time.
The fabric is sometimes terrific

The one on the left has cocktail recipes printed on the cotton---handy.

The needlework is also fascinating.
Betty (Marty's Mom) remembers when these crocheted aprons were hot.

She works at the front desk and has been asked if this is her laundry.

Heart-shaped top and one made from a dish towel with an opera scene

We put the chiffon examples in the window

Chiffon aprons are an idea whose time is past.

Rick-rack--- real and printed

A friend recently sent photos of aprons her husband's grandmother designed for the family's Regal Paper Company.

If you haven't seen enough aprons yet go to this Flickr pool of hundreds of vintage apron photos


  1. You have a wonderful collection. I have the apron I made for my mother-in-law in in 1964 and emboidered my childrens handprints on. It is a keepsake for me now.

  2. I collect aprons too and loved seeing these! The chiffons are my favorite and I wear them on special occasions!

  3. I have an apron my mother made back in the early 40's....it's bright yellow, with Hardanger cutwork throughout! It's gorgeous, and I think never used! I'm still figuring out how to display it.....maybe when we redo the kitchen!

  4. These are wonderful! I think the heart shaped bodice is my favorite.

  5. I love old aprons. Last year while visiting my mom we went to the Apron Museum in Iuka, Mississippi. She has some wonderful aprons there.

  6. thanks for the flickr link, think I will put mine up one day. I love the reversible sort. The ones where you would be slaving in the kitchen and 'ding dong' you whip it over to the dressy side to open the door

  7. I have an apron my grandmother wore when she was a maid for a lawyer in the early 1900's. She ended up marrying the gardener!

  8. Very nice collection. I have patterns for crocheted aprons that my Grandmother use to make.

  9. Nice aprons...I collect them too.
    A woman in my Guild cut up some old family aprons and made a pieced quilt. She used the ties to make the binding. What a special quilt!