Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bettina Havig: One Woman Show

Four Stars with Broderie Perse
 by Bettina Havig

Bettina handquilts her quilts so it is doubly impressive to see the amount of work she has accomplished.

Bildeston Uneven Nine Patch
 by Bettina Havig

Some of these quilts, like the nine patch above, are patterned in her 2009 book
Across the Pond: Projects Inspired by Quilts of the British Isles.
Click here to read more about this book:

Friendship Quilt by Bettina Havig
And some of them are recently finished.
 The one above is a group project that she put together last year.

The Morris Workshop
by Bettina Havig

 This one's made from my 2009 Moda collection
 of William Morris reproductions.

Stars with Doreen Speckmann's Provincial Prints
by Bettina Havig

And this one's made from her friend Doreen's line.

Album Quilt
by Bettina Havig

Another group project.

Berrington Hall Medallion by Bettina Havig

The quilt above is the cover quilt of Across the Pond.

See Bettina's webpage:


  1. Thank you for sharing! This is very inspirational.

  2. Bildeston is a very unusual name - is it our Suffolk Bildeston, or another one? Must find out...Pippa

  3. What a nice collection of handquilted quilts!