Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stars Out of Control Part 2

These stars that cover the whole quilt top often work really well.
Even when the sewing is a bit problematic the graphic impact saves the quilt.

You can see why everybody wants to make one---at least one.

When the graphics work they are impressive.
But sometimes stitchers bite off more than they can chew.

I showed seven-pointed stars in an earlier post.
Click here:

It's surprising how common seven-pointed stars are.

The six-pointed stars seem to have been planned,
as there's a long tradition of six-pointed stars.

Here's one from about 1840.
She might have planned it as a seven pointed star.
And here's the extra point.

The one-pointed star?

There's so much that can go wrong.

From the collection of the American Folk Art Museum.
See information about their current exhibits here:

This one belongs to Deb Rowden.
 It's the star (so to speak) of her collection of
Thrift Shop Quilts.
See her blog Thrift Shop Quilts by clicking here:


  1. I love the one pointed star! Makes me smile. Denniele

  2. My stars, aren't they interesting !

    I have two in my TBF (to be finished) bin... Will I ever ? (good question)...

  3. Now those are some lucky stars being able to see the light of day! Loved each and every one. Thanks for the post!

  4. I love big star quilts...to look at! I've made two - ten years apart. I guess that is how long it took for me to forget how nail-biting all that darn bias can be! I do find lots of unfinished ones in the the charitystore/fleamarket routes though many of them are very oddly shaped!

  5. One pointed star!!! My favorite!LOL
    The Gravity comes second.. wait.. I can't decide!

  6. When is that awesome crazy quilt from, Barbara, do you know?

  7. Allie- I just find them on the online auction sites and save them in various files. This one just says crazy.

  8. I really love the crazy quilt stars, beautiful piece.


  9. Stars are captivating designs, no matter how many points. You are so good at finding and sharing them. I really, really like Gravity.

  10. What fun! I love the various stars..but I think my favorite is Deb Rowden's..because someone finished it! :)

  11. I pieced, and quilted my first lone star 2 years ago for a fund raiser. It was on my to do list of quilts to make someday. I was afraid of how it would all fit together after hearing and seeing "unique star" stories. Turned out wonderful, and the person who won the quilt was so appreciative. It made my angst worth while. I will make one to keep someday, now that I know it is a doable project.