Thursday, November 4, 2010

Emporia Rose

Emporia Rose
Model for Common Threads Quilting
Waxahachie, Texas

Laura from Common Threads sent a photo of the shop model they made for their Block of the Month of the Emporia Rose quilt pattern that I designed several years ago.
Attached is our Emporia Rose. The woman who does our quilting is amazing, and I hope you can see it in this picture. The program has been really popular. We only have 5 spots left before we won't have the fabric to support it anymore.
 Ribbon winner by Betty Thayer, Saginaw, Michigan. I found her version on the web.

Years ago Karla Menaugh and I published the pattern in our Sunflower Pattern Co-operative line, but it's sold out. We sent the last to Common Threads for their Block of the Month.

Emporia Rose by Cindy Korb
I know, I know, we ought to republish it someday, but publishing is in such a state of change right now, we are kind of stuck between centuries. Paper or digital? Self-publish or Commercial...

Cindy's was on display at the Spencer Museum of Art a few years ago next to a quilt by Rose Kretsinger.
Rose lived in Emporia, Kansas and drafted patterns for her friends.

Spice Pink by Charlotte Jane Whitehill of Emporia,
in the collection of the Denver Art Museum
 I redrew several blocks for a sampler of Emporia design.

Emporia about 1920

Oriental Poppy by Rose Kretsinger
in the collection of the Spencer Museum of Art

Tomato Flower by Charlotte Jane Whitehill of Emporia,
in the collection of the Denver Art Museum
Subscribe to Common Threads Block of the Month and get one of their last few kits.

Go to the Spencer Museum of Art's Search page and do a search for Kretsinger to see more of Rose's quilts.

And see another post I wrote about Rose by clicking here:


  1. Still one of my favorite designers, Rose was amazing.

  2. How absolutely beautiful! Barbara, thanks for sharing the images with us. THey refuel my 'antique quilt' making desire . It is true, isn't it? Quilters never run out of quilts to make.

    Julie in TN

  3. Gorgeous quilts - love every one of them! Thanks for the great post :)

  4. Simply stunning works. I appreciate your knowledge on quilt history.