Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jeckyll's Sunflowers

Thomas Jeckyll (1827–1881) was an English architect best known today for the metal work he designed. This pair of brass andirons is an Arts and Crafts classic that has influenced artists over the last century. Jeckyll also did at least one fence of these sunflowers. (There are two spellings of Jekyll's name. Pick your favorite.)

A detail from an andiron and 2 appliqued sunflowers

I designed and stitched the sunflower on the left with my first William Morris fabric collection and Pam Mayfield pieced and appliqued the one on the right with the second, The Morris Workshop. Buy the Arts & Crafts Sunflower pattern for $7.95 from Star books by clicking here:

Georgann Eglinski did two versions, one with a pieced sunflower

Above are two paper interpretations.
Left: a contemporary poster, the right one a reproduction wallpaper poster from Bradbury & Bradbury.

The Spencer Museum of Art owns a Jeckyll drawing.
See more of it by clicking here:

See a rail from Jeckyll's fence in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum:
See more Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper at their site:

See a black & white picture of the andirons (firedogs) that are now in the Freer Gallery by clicking here:
And read about the Freer's Peacock Room, for which they were designed, by clicking here:

Susan Weber Soros and Catherine Arbuthnot have written a book about Jeckyll.

Arts & Crafts Sunflower by Pam Mayfield, 42" x 16"


  1. I really love sunflowers and they look so good right now with all the snow around..Thanks for all the interesting facts you give us.

  2. I just purchased this pattern at my local quilt shop. I want to make it from my "from a morris garden" fabrics that I have been saving forever...and add in some others like subtle batiks. I just finished your Quilts of the Civil War book and I learned so much Barbara. My daughter is attending the college of Charleston this year and I have been focused on the Civil War and the south. Thank you for your research! Pam