Thursday, May 21, 2009

John Hewson

I've been studying the prints of John Hewson, a Philadelphia wood block printer who was in business from 1774 to about 1820. He's sometimes credited as America's "first calico printer," but there's no way to know who was America's first calico printer. Several people left records earlier than Hewson, though.

The bird is from a snapshot of a Hewson print I took at an exhibit at the Winterthur Museum a year or two ago.

I made a list of all the quilts and counterpanes featuring Hewson's fabric that you can see online. Here's one from the Winterthur.

To see more go to my web site http://www.barbarabrackman.com/---to the subpage "Quilt History."
At the bottom you'll see a list of clickable quilts.

I am going to do a luncheon Roundtable Discussion called "America's First Calico Printer" at the American Quilt Study Group seminar in San Jose in October. It's time to start signing up so click here to find out more about the seminar.

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  1. Dear Barbara, Just a note to say I've been interested in quilt history and followed your work since 1995. Thanks so much for the blog!!!! It's always a joy to read. Your effort is appreciated and brings much pleasure. Best, SA.