Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clues in the Calico

For years my first book on dating antique quilts, Clues in the Calico, has been out of print and fetching prices over $100 on the used book market, making me wish I had several hundred copies to sell. I have exactly two copies. But of course if I'd had several hundred copies to sell it wouldn't have been so hard to find and the price would have been less.

But now, you can have a copy for $19.95. C&T Publishing has created a digital version that you can download. It's exactly the same as the 1989 version, but it's a file you can print if you want to or save on your computer. I am buying one to save to a file because then I can do digital searches. If I want to know more about, say medallion quilts, I can search by the word "medallion" and find every mention.

Read more about it by clicking here.


  1. I am a happy camper now! For a long time your book has been at the top of my wish list. Thank you! Una in Norway

  2. That's great news. I was fortunate enough to buy your book when it first came out, but my "mint" copy has become so valuable I've been afraid to use it! That sounds silly, doesn't it?

  3. So glad it is available again! My copy is a bit dog-eared but I still have to keep an eye on it at documentation days!