Friday, October 24, 2014

Virtual Sample Spree: Winners

Union Blues:
My newest collection for Moda

Jelly Roll of strips cut to 2-1/2"

Sample Spree is one of the craziest events at
quilt market.

The fabric companies bring sample bundles of the
new lines they are showing and sell them
to market attendees for a short period of time.

The Moda sample booth is always nuts!

The reason it's so crazy---besides the Moda people---
is that the samples are 6 months ahead of the shipping date,
You get things NOBODY else has.

We still recall when someone stepped on
Karla's head to get at a Jelly Roll bundle.

Yesterday I posted a virtual sample spree and the winners are

Rosa in Murcia Spain for the Layer Cake
and Gunilla for the Jelly Rolls

I'll email you two and ship off the packages.

The rest of you (209 commenters):

Thanks for commenting. I'm going to delete all the comments soon.

Here's my method this time of picking a winner. The
Blogger program lists the comments for me in large groups.
I went to the bottom of the first page of comments and started back up, picking the last two on that page who had email addresses on their profiles.

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  1. They stepped on her head!? Oh wow...

    Thanks for sharing your behind the scenes pics from quilt market! I hope you're having a lovely time! =)