Friday, October 17, 2014

Richmond Reds: Bloomington

Document print for the Bloomington
fabric in my Richmond Reds collection
for Moda

The original print here was a shirting print done in two shades of red on white, a very common
19th-century style found in clothing and quilts.

If you compare the original to the reproduction
you will notice several differences. We toned
down the shades so this small print would
fit in with the larger prints in the line. We call this
colorway "Aged."

We also changed the figure's set. The original was
a directional print. The leaves all went one way.

This directionality is not often desirable in patchwork
or clothing construction. For a garment one has to 
"buy extra fabric," as the patterns always warn. 

Fabric has to be wasted if the prints have to go one way as in the stripe above. In a quilt one has to plan for the directionality. Non-directional prints are generally more useful.

Why Bloomington?
Another pretty name. Here's Bloomington, Indiana
in the mid-19th-century.

Denniele Bohannon has used the Rebel Red
colorway for the background of this experiment
in 3-dimensionality. She's also used the other two
colorways as mediums and lights.

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