Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cheddar Exhibit at American Quilt Study Group Seminar

AQSG's seminar always features quilt shows
on the meeting premises and in local museums.
Here's a glimpse of one of the onsite exhibits.

Being in Wisconsin, home of the cheeseheads, 
we were treated to a display of cheddar colored quilts.

If you are confused---all you need to know
is it has to do with football.

The first few are from the collection of Seminar co-chair
Carol Butzke of Wisconsin.

Kathlyn Sullivan has collection of North Carolina
quilts featuring the fabric.

Can't recall which collector's this one is.

Above and below, Carol's

The last one is Kathy's.

Textile specialists call the color Chrome Orange after the
dye that created it, but everybody today calls it Cheddar.

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