Sunday, October 26, 2014

Linda Makes Me Look Good

Barbara's Birds
by Linda Frost and Barbara Brackman
28-1/2" x 38"

Years ago I got an idea---to do a state birds quilt
that was sort of like the diagram below.

A Double Irish Chain quilt with alternating
blocks of checkerboards and appliqued birds.

I appliqued a lot of birds before I realized I made a big mistake. The contrast between the birds and the olive green backgrounds was so minimal you could hardly see the birds.

This is as far as I got.

Dot on the voluminous bad idea file.

So I filed the birds away in the bad idea file for a decade or more.

A few years ago I cleaned that file out and gave the poor bird
blocks to my friend Linda Frost, who loves birds
and a challenge. Do what you will, I said.

To increase the contrast between bird and background
she painted a dye remover on the backgrounds. 

Read her account at her blog here:

Now that the contrast was better she worked on my hand applique by drawing black outlines with
her machine stitching.
She embellished the birds by adding some evolutionary details the actual robin never thought of.

The birds now look skillfully drawn.

The blocks finish to 9-1/2"

The quilt looks out of focus in this overall shot
but that's because of the repeated outlines.

It's a great quilt if I do say so myself.

Thanks to Linda...

Tumbled Stones
by Linda Frost

who has a quilt in the Dinner at Eight group's special exhibit Reflections in Houston this week. 


  1. I love the look of the thread painting around the birds.

  2. I love how that came out and the machine stitching, that she did, really wonderful quilt. And congratulations to the winners of yesterdays contest. I want to sit down and quilt but I have been spending more time walking the new puppy than getting anything done, lol.


  3. Bonjour,
    Toujours un ravissement que de lire tant de choses une plus interessante que l'autre.
    Ce quilt aux oiseaux est si charmant!
    un grand bravo a votre amie de l'avoir terminer avec honneur!
    On a bien tendance a laisser nos oeuvres non términées de côté et voilà la preuve qu'ils ne faut surtout pas les jeter!la couture sur les oiseaux rend ce quilt trés contemprain.
    De France cordialement
    Marie Christine

  4. What a great quilt story! Taking someone else's castoffs and creating something wonderful is a challenge but she did a beautiful job. I really enjoyed this post!

  5. Love the birds! Looks like someone loves to read.

  6. Awesome! I love giving UFO's away to someone who will spice them up. Well done! Just one question, what state belongs to the chicken? Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wendy-You are not the first to ask that question. It's the Delaware Blue Hen.

  8. love to see the pile of patterns,books and what not ...that Dot sits on...i have a building of these piles of what nots, that i collect... it creative to sift through it every now and then...