Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sue Narratives

Put a human being in a quilt block and you get a story.
Although what the story is I cannot always say.

Perhaps I read too much into it....

Seeing this one about a series of bad dates.

Sack over the head if we are going to eat dinner down town.

Some other kind of date.

Smoking what?

Somebody asked where I find these. Mostly EBay.

Here's a post from a few years ago.


  1. I love your sense of humor! Thanks for sharing this morning.

  2. Made me laugh this morning...thanks ;o)

  3. Perhaps it's a stalk of celery? There's no indication of smoke and geez she's wearing bloomers for crying out loud! I loved the "series of bad dates" quilt in the other post! Hysterical!

  4. These posts always make me laugh! Glad I wasn't eating breakfast when I read it. ;)

  5. Hi Barb, I didn't think I collected SBS quilts but recently when I went thru my collection I discovered I must love funky or outrageous ones. I am going to do an exhibit of them here on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands next summer. The first quilt shown in your post was added to my collection as of Nov of last year. It is 70x71. A month later I found a combo quilt top of applique and embroidery. The applique is Nancy Page's Basket series. The embroidery in the alt-blocks are various floral and sundry images. One of them is so similar to this "Sue Dusting the Flowers" that I can't help think it was the inspiration for the appliqued version. I'lll send you a couple of photos.

  6. 'A series of bad dates', funny, documented to pass onto the grand children, right?
    And the SBS's with pipes must be backwoods girls. They have a reputation for smokin'
    and chewin', kinda rough.
    The stories quilts tell.

  7. Barb, I just now more closely compared the block in your blog above showing Sue "dusting the flower" with my quilt and Sue's dress fabric in your block does not match any of the dresses on my quilt so this must be from another quilt out there!! You can see a a full view of my quilt to compare dress fabrics by googling Quilt History Reports.