Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Chintz Panels New & Old

Medallion Reproduction quilt by Georgann Eglinski

I'm packing for a week long retreat with 9 friends. We are bringing some chintz panels to make a group medallion that we may auction off for AQSG in the fall.

I'm bringing this panel from Collections for a Cause.

And a few older repros that I MAY find this week in those plastic tubs labeled chintz.

Wish I had this new Barnsley from Petra Prins. Maybe someone else will.

Now you may wonder what the numbers are. Merikay Waldvogel has assigned a number to the chintz panels we see in antique American and British quilts.

She and I have started a blog just to post her information about panels. See it here:

We won't have the new Di Ford repro of #10 to work with, 
because it won't even be in shops till August.

 But I am sure between us we can come up with a few.

Cynthia Collier's medallion with #28, the Jane Austen panel

Never bought #28; should have.

Another Dutch panel---no number (yet)

Reproduced for the Quilt Museum in York UK

Of course, I shouldn't be allowed to go near a chintz panel. Here are six SIX unfinished chintz quilt tops that I photographed a few months ago. I decided I would start with the smallest and I have finished that one.

I didn't have enough panels so I made one
memorializing Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee a few years ago. (6 years ago)

Wendy Reed's little repro with panel #5.

One we collaborated on a few years ago at a retreat.

The center doesn't have a number (yet) since it's an Indian palampore.


  1. I'm in panel heaven! Can't wait to see what you all come up with. Have fun!

  2. Where can I find these panels to buy? Interested in seeing what your results are!

  3. I have a the Levensboom ( no number yet) panel! How did that happen? Excited that I knew where it was.

  4. I have two panels at least that want to be medallions someday!

  5. So great ideas to play with these fabrics.I´ll follow the new blog.

  6. Jane---the panels are hard to find. The big fabric companies don't print them often so get your quilt shop to buy the new Di Ford line from Andover called Barnsley. You can sometimes find out of print panels on Etsy and eBay.

    Do a web search for
    chintz panel quilt

    and you will find smaller fabric sources for some limited editions. Try these searches

    Petra Prins
    York Quilt Museum
    Poos Collection
    Reproduction Fabric

  7. I've never owned one of those beauties! I'm sure you ladies will come up with a lovely quilt. Have fun!