Thursday, May 17, 2018

Spring Quilt Market 2018---Virtual Floating Booth

Well, we forgot to sign up for a booth rental for Quilt Market in Portland but I had an idea. No where in the Quilt Market rules do I see a prohibition on parade floats. So here's the plan for a virtual floating booth that we can ride up and down the aisles throwing out Tootsie Rolls as we float by.

We looked at a lot of vintage photos for ideas. What would get our point across---we sell quilt patterns in our Etsy shop. Sunflower Pattern Co-operative.

Floral concoctions probably not a good choice. 
Flowers would droop by Saturday afternoon.

or Friday night.

Sunflower wheels? Get it? Horse probably a bad choice.

Self-propelled might be better.

Civil War theme? We do sell a lot of Civil War repro patterns.

Here it is! 
Based on a float from the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union.

We'll be up all night with papier-mâché and trying to keep the machine threaded. 
Look for us in the virtual aisles all weekend.


  1. Wow, can I help? That is the biggest sewing machine ever!

  2. I hope someone will take photos and post them!

  3. I guess Blogger needs to add those silly little laughing emojis! Have fun!

  4. those vintage photos are wonderful.....I live on the east coast, but was out west in Santa Rosa, CA last week and
    found a treasure trove of photos at an antique mall.....the best are to be mailed to my 93 yr old father-in-law
    to make him chuckle.....as I did looking at your terrific blog post!