Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lovely Lane in Baltimore Blues

Mid-19th-century fashion demanded stripes.

In dresses...

and quilts.

A mid-19th-century quilt in the bear paw pattern from the Quilt Index and the Iowa Project
It would look good in my new Baltimore Blues collection for Moda, which includes a couple of striped prints. You could use November's Bear's Paw pattern from my Westering Women BOM. Click to see it:

The most dramatic print in Baltimore Blues is this bold stripe from the 1840s

The stripe comes in three neutrals,
Talbot Tan (a buff-color), Sassafras Brown and Ivory colorways

Georgann Eglinski is using the Lovely Lane
stripe in a medallion quilt she's making

to frame her John Hewson panel.

The print is called Lovely Lane after a Baltimore
landmark, the Lovely Lane chapel, a Methodist church built
before the Revolutionary War. The church is now a museum
devoted to Methodist history.

The Museum has a quilt collection including this Baltimore Album
made for the Reverend Hezekiah Best.

In May Teri & Kara at the blog Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye joined the Baltimore Applique Society for a lecture by Marylou McDonald at the Lovely Lane Museum. They saw five quilts in the museum's collection and did a great job of photographing them.

There were four Baltimore Album Quilts and one whole-cloth quilt for us to view.


  1. Thanks, Barbara! It was exciting to see such treasures in person. Pictures don't come close to capturing the true beauty of the work these ladies did, but it was fun to try!

  2. Is anyone finding the Baltimore Blues collection in their quilt shops just yet? I'm eagerly awaiting it (hoping I might use some in a certain new BOM project starting in January).