Friday, December 2, 2016

Indiana Quilt Project: Applique

By Hannah Tiebout
The slides from the Indiana Quilt Project are online at the Quilt Index.

"The Indiana Quilt Registry Project, Inc. (IQRP) was formed in 1986. The files are now at the Indiana State Museum. Over 6400 quilts were registered under the leadership of Marilyn Goldman (Secretary IQRP) and Marguerite Wiebusch (Documentation Chair IQRP). The project was supported by public donations and through memberships and group sponsorships of registry days throughout the state of Indiana. Quilting groups, historical societies, and quilt shops, as well as interested individuals, participated. The Cummings Engine Company, the Indiana Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Indiana State Museum, and the National Quilting Association were ardent supporters of IQRP's efforts."

6,400 quilts made in Indiana and elsewhere up to 1986

See them here:

I focused on mid-19th-century applique quilts while I was whizzing through the grid of pictures.

Indiana quilters stitched many popular designs like
this Democrat Rose by Martha Rohrer Hoover.

But there were also unique designs.

The family called this one the Lattemore rose.
Notice the border vine floral.

By Lucy Leach Clone

Creativity would be something you'd expect in the state that was home to Susan McCord.

Susan McCord's One of a kind Floral Urn
in the collection of the Henry Ford Museum.

Marie Webster's Indiana Wreath

Marie Webster was from Indiana too

The project pictured this quilt by Margaret Kirkpatrick Harlan in their book.

Margaret's floral urn is a lot like Susan McCord's Floral Urn

Thanks, Susan McCord by EuJane Taylor
from our Susan McCord pattern book
Our Favorite Quiltmakers

We combined both footed urns in the pattern.
See more here:

There were more Pumpkin Flowers in Indiana than you'd expect

Attributed to Ione Slaver, Crawfordsville

And fewer of these vase borders than I expected. 

This one by Leta Duckwall Vore was made in the 1930s, probably from a magazine pattern.
You see so many of the vine and vase border along the National Road from Virginia to Illinois
that I thought there would be more in Indiana.

Mid-19th-c by Harriett Wimmer.
I saw several with this coxcomb swag border

but fewer Princess Feathers than I expected

This one with a heart in the center is a late-19th-c example.


  1. What a glorious collection. I'm sure I'll enjoy browsing through it at quiltindex.com

  2. What great applique quilts! Have you seen the Vine inspired by Susan McCord fabrics by Windham fabrics that came out last month? I haven't seen them in person yet but I've ordered some. The cheater panel of Trailing Vines especially intrigues me.

  3. Janet---I hadn't seen it. Here's a link. What to do with it......It's one of my favorite quilts.
    Paste this into your browser, kids.


  4. It's one of my favorites too - I have my top done and it's waiting for handquilting. I could use the cheater panel as backing....