Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Richmond Reds plus Yellow for Jane Austen

Block #1 Bright Star for Jane Austen

Here's the post for the first block:

Block 2
Sister's Choice for Cassandra Austen

Georgann's been using my latest reproduction collection Richmond Reds
to make up the free weekly pattern. She's adding a few golds and yellows from her stash.
(I gave her my preview pre-cut package, which should be available in shops any day)

The colorways also feature browns and olives
but red is the theme.

Block 3 
Cross Within Cross for the Rev. George Austen

Block 4
Thrifty with a toile from the scrapbag

Georgann's also adding toiles---after all, the block of the week series is about Jane Austen
who was born in the time of toile.

Block 6
Empire Star

Block 7
Philadelphia Block

Block 8 Eliza's Star

Block 9
London Roads

Block 10
Good Fortune

Block 11
The center is another scrapbag toile.

Block 21
West Wind

We're up to Block 22, scheduled for this Sunday, and I'm working now
on digitally drawing the last  patterns for the 36 weekly intallments, which will be posted
in November and December, 2014.

Check out our Flickr page to see what others are up to.

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  1. So nice to see Georgann's Austen blocks using Richmond Reds. Very nice! The toile in the center of block 11 is so wonderful.

  2. Beautiful blocks and a lovely choice of fabrics.

  3. Barbara, do you still do workshops? I am an organizer for Quilts at the Creek, an outdoor quilt show in Toronto Canada, and next year's show is July 24-26th.We'd love to have you! http://quiltsatthecreek.wordpress.com

  4. I am retired and rarely even do lectures. But thanks for asking.