Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Postcards From Abroad

Roseanne and I recently went to England and France.
Here we are at the Tate Modern eating lunch.

I had several travel goals...one was to follow in Jane Austen's
footsteps to Bath.

Another was to see some Arts & Crafts and modern
decorative arts at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
The lunch room has William Morris trays.

A fabulous Margaret and Charles Mackintosh piece.

We went to a lot of art museums. I liked the Tate Modern's Ellsworth Kelly
collage (Gironde), which looked quite familiar. He cut up painted paper
to make it in 1941.

I took 500 pictures of which about 100 are usable. Be prepared
to sit through more postcards from my vacation later.


  1. Looking forward to photos from Victoria and Albert Museum.

  2. Can't wait to see the Austen photos!

  3. What an amazing trip you must have had and I can't wait to see more photos of your trip.


  4. Since you seem to know not EVERY picture you took is blog worthy, I am ready to sit through the resulting "show".

  5. I should be delighted to see ALL your photos of your trip and find it VERY agreeable.

    I was in England in May with my sister. We made a bit of a Jane Austen pilgrimage, visiting Chawton, Steventon, Winchester and, of course, Bath.

    We also spent a day at the V&A and had a lovely lunch with William Morris trays too. Looking forward to seeing your captures and favourites.

  6. Love them all. I hope you can include some in the Jane Austen family album.

  7. Many pictures would be great! I hate it when someone goes away on a terrific trip and doesn't share.