Sunday, April 27, 2014

Free Album Pattern at the Fat Quarter Shop Blog

Album block, about 1875
Check the Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber blog for a free pattern
that Kathe Dougherty made up in my Ladies's Album fabric line.

We used one of my favorite blocks, this classic design called Album Block.

Ladies' Album by Kathe Dougherty, 
quilted by Sandy Morgan Cockrum.
44" square.

Mid-19th century album quilt

That central square offered a great place for names and many, many groups
of quiltmakers used the design to gather signatures and memories.

Mid-19th century

In one variation you use a strip to replace the 3 center squares.
Here is a 1920's block from the Carrie Hall collection at the Spencer
Museum of Art at the University of Kansas.

Block set with buff and blue chintz print
about 1850

Another mid-19th-century version with blocks on point
from Laura Fisher at Fisher Heritage.

Quilt dated 1903

Mid-19th century

Mid-19th century

Mid-19th century
See what you can do with the block!


  1. When my grandmother was going into a nursing home and we cleaned out her house, I claimed many sewing and homemade items. One was a coverlet made of large pieced chenille and tied bed spread. I could tell there was some sort of quilt used in the middle. When we got it home to NC I carefully took it apart and found an album quilt as the middle. It was hand quilted and only the browns on two blocks had deteriorated. The best thing was the embroidered names. My Grandmothers maiden name and those of cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends who had lived in Jacobu, PA. Coolest find ever!

  2. I do love that block and it works so well with so many different styles. I took a photo of one from the show, it was beautifully made and the perfect combinations of color and fabrics but the photo was dull and blurry looking.


  3. I know that block, when the center isn't white, as 25 patch. I never realized its relationship to the "album block" before.

  4. Colleen-It was the coolest find ever!