Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Costumes of Downton Abbey

Winterthur Museum gallery

Perhaps you have heard that the Winterthur Museum in Delaware has installed a new exhibit called The Costumes of Downton Abbey.

Winterthur has rented costumes, primarily from Cosprop Ltd, which specializes in period costumes.

Here is the schedule for a series of lectures.

The exhibit will be up through January 4, 2015.


Doctor Barkman said...

The costumes are right but the yellow Labrador Retriever is all wrong. Geesh. You'd think that if they go to all that trouble for clothing accuracy, they'd at least have done their homework on the dog.


Barbara Brackman said...

And isn't that Labrador as American as Shirley Maclaine?

katie jean said...

Love seeing the pantaloon outfit that so shocked the family :) and interesting comment about the dog!

Anonymous said...

Love this!

Laurie said...

I just love your blogs :) They are so informative and inspiring. I've been wondering if the latest line of fabric called Downton Abbey would work in the Jane Austin block of the week that is about to begin? I've been looking for some of the Lately Arrived from London line you had out a few years ago but can't find any. Thanks in advance for your help on this matter :) laurie


Nicole Hannah said...

Check out this costume photo tumblr: