Thursday, September 19, 2013

Collaborating with Marci H.

I have been collaborating on a quilt with a woman named Marci whom I don't even know. Over the past year I published a block of the week on the topic of women's rights on my separate blog called Grandmother's Choice.

 Each week I figured out a traditional pieced or appliqued design that represented a particular event, person or idea, such as the Carrie Nation block for the temperance movement.

Marci made a set of the patchwork blocks.

She likes crazy quilts too. She's taken the portraits I posted and printed them onto fabric.

And stitched a crazy block for each patchwork block in green, violet and white
the colors of  England's WSPU (Women's Social and Political Union)

Using gold thread, another symbolic color.

She's also done blocks with pictures she's found in other places.

What a quilt this is going to be!

See Marci's Flickr photostream here:


  1. What a treat! Hope you can bring us the whole top one day. Congratulations to Marci H for really getting the spirit and coming up with this super crazy quilt.

  2. This is really amazing! I imagine you are very proud of this piece of work!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this idea! It's wonderful. I, too, am a crazy quilter, so I really appreciate what she's done, and using one traditional stitch throughout is also great.

  4. My partner, Gary, and I purchased a framed portrait at a local country auction. The portrait was labeled with the name, "Frances Willard." After a bit of research, we found out she was a Temperance leader and suffragist leader. Quite an interesting woman. Her portrait now hangs in our cabin and we joke that she frowns on us when we are having a cocktail or glass of wine! ;) I am sure you know of her, but the quilt on your blog post made me think of Ms. Frances! Love your blog - thanks for sharing! Josh in Atlanta, GA

  5. What wonderful pictures! I love your patterns and I think Marci's blocks are wonderful. I will love seeing the rest of the blocks and a completed quilt

  6. I friend just emailed me to ask if I was the March H you were talking about. How fun to see pictures of my blocks on your blog.
    I have enjoyed this quilt so much!
    Actually, we might have met when I was teaching at Liberty Quilt Shop - years ago.

  7. That is such a fun idea and a nice idea for a family memory quilt, with photos.