Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Great Reproduction Quilt

Have you been following Will at Not So Zen-Quilts
 in Paris and this great reproduction quilt this year?

This picture of the finished quilt was posted in June.
Will Vidinic was inspired by a picture of an old Dutch quilt found in a Japanese magazine.
The original

The reproduction
Since 2007 the original quilt, made in the Netherlands about 1800, has been in the collection of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum. Click here to see a good photo of #2007.005.0001

See Will's pictures of her top here:
I especially liked Will's quilt because I spotted some of my prints in her excellent reproduction scrapbag.

Like these two that looked quite familiar. It's nice to know I helped---in a  minor way.



not so zen -quilts in Paris said...

Good morning Barbara, i feel so honored for the warm comments on my quilt,all i hope is that fellow-quilters from all over the world feel the great pleasure i had to make it.I will follow the same path and copy another antique quilt my way.
Thank you, fondly, Will in Paris

Kathie said...

Isn't that quilt amazing! I was in awe when I saw the pictures! It must be fun for you to see your fabrics in our quilts.....

regan said...

Both quilts are stunning.....I'm heading over to the links now. Thanks for sharing!

Janet said...

Will's quilt is fabulous. I love that she's quilting it by hand. I think you help in more than just a minor way. We can't make reproduction quilts without reproduction fabrics. Thanks! I look forward to many, many more reproduction lines :0)

WoolenSails said...

Will's version is beautiful, it is an amazing quilt to reproduce.


Céline said...

It's so wonderful the original and the replique. An excellent job.

Ondrea said...

I have only one word for that gorgeous quilt. AWESOME!!!

Randy D. said...

Will is an amazing quilter in Paris. All her work is breathtaking. How fabulous that you've honored her in this way!