Thursday, January 2, 2020

Past Perfect: Debra Wagner

Rail Through the Rockies, Debra Wagner,  1991

This month's Past Perfect quiltmaker is
Debra Wagner who won many prizes and wrote
several books in the 1990s.

Her specialty 25 years ago was difficult-to-piece designs
and she adapted many classic patterns to machine quiltmaking.

Inspired by the cover of the Texas project book:
Lone Stars

January, 1994 cover quilt

She won three first place prizes in AQS contests at the time.

In 1994 she published her techniques of piecing
circles, Striplate Piecing, combining rotary cutting and template piecing.

A few quilt blocks from the book.

Wagon Wheel

 Debra lived in Minnesota when she was cleaning up on prizes. She mentions a degree in clothing textiles and design, but otherwise I was unable to find much about her.

Setting Sun
There were 20 circle patterns.

Sunburst, 1994

She was also an innovator in machine quilting.

She definitely had an impact on the next
generation of machine quiltmakers.

Ohio Bride's Quilt

All Quilt Blocks Are Not Square: 

Innovative Piecing and Quilting of Hexagons, Triangles

Circles weren't the only ideas she adapted.

If you are looking for a challenge, Debra Wagner's books might be just the inspiration and information you need.


Lady Locust said...

Wow! What stunning work she did.

Maria Shell said...

Wow! What amazing piecework. Happy New Year & Happy New Decade Barbara~

Susan said...

I took a class from her once in the striplate piecing - amazing technique, but I didn't perfect it on difficult patterns. It really made things easier, though! Thanks for highlighting her.

Karen said...

I took two classes from Debra Wagner. She was an good teacher and had some very precise methods for creating her quilts. I still use the striplate method now and then that she developed.

Sharon Leahy said...

Lovely commemoration, thank you! I've taken her books from the local library several times and marveled at the complexity she accomplished in her quilt designs. Thank you for honoring her and refreshing our memories about her contributions, she is one of our pathfinders and role models.