Sunday, January 5, 2020

2020 Centennial---Susan B Anthony House

100th Anniversary of New York and US Women's Suffrage
by Patricia Foote

Patricia entered her block in the 2020 Quilt Project:
Stitching Together Women's Suffrage...

...the Susan B. Anthony House Museum's ongoing quilt block
project to celebrate the 2020 centennial anniversary
 of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing American women the Right to Vote.

Susan B Anthony Dollar, Kenneth Dardenne

The project's been going on for a while. The deadline has passed for blocks to be displayed this year but they continue to accept entries for future exhibits. See a link to the project here:
Blocks from their Gallery.

Contrary Wife dedicated to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Emilie Monefeldt
"The 2020 Quilt is designed so that each new block may be attached to the growing quilt with ribbons. The 2020 Quilt may be complete with one block or with hundreds of blocks. It is anticipated that the Quilt will be displayed in community centers, libraries, schools, or other public places on request. The whole 2020 Quilt or specific sections may be displayed from time to time. Each individual quilt block will be able to stand out on its own AND mesh wonderfully with the other quilt squares. Each block will tell a story in a unique and creative way."
Centennial of the 19th Amendment by Linda Stauffer Heil
(The block was published as Centennial)

NAWSA Logo, Mary Jane Frind

The blocks will be tied with ribbons and the piece made as large or small as the show space dictates.

Kathleen Anderson

Do you know of any other 2020 quilt celebrations?
Block of the Months

Women's Rights 1848-Present, Joan Robertson

Susan B Anthony, Diane Shirley

Susan Brownell Anthony 1820-1906,  Karen Cona

Susan B. Anthony Silhouette, Mery McEvoy

Susan B Anthony Star, Linda L. Rose Bushar

Susan Brownell Anthony, Lorraine S Ward

Sarah's Choice, Kathleen Mooney Rowland

See more at the Gallery

I'm surprised to find few 2020 quilt projects celebrating the anniversary on line, however. So I decided I'd revive a BOM from 2012. Tomorrow more on Grandmother's Choice.


Vicki W said...

What a coincidence! I made 2 Grandmother's Choice quilts but hadn't finished the second one. I just decided last week that it would be the next quilt on the quilting frame.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Myself and two guild members made blocks for this traveling project. We were inspired when it was booked for the Empire QuiltFest Show in Up State New York (we are a member quild) and hung this for one of it's earliest journeys.

Quilty Chaos said...

What a rabbit hole this sent me down. I may not be up for one more quilt along, but I did go design my own little 100 years quilt to work on.

Barbara Brackman said...

QuiltyChaos---send a picture. We need inspiration. MaterialCult@gmail.com

Barbara Brackman said...

Vicki---I have lots of pictures of your beautiful blocks.

Terrie said...

I was just looking at my saved Grandmother’s Choice blocks, trying to decide what special quilt to make for this year’s anniversary. Great idea to revive it!

JustGail said...

This sounds like a dandy reason (like I need one) to hit the shops - my stash is lacking in purples and yellows.
When ever I hear someone say "women's right to vote was granted", I hear Cokie Roberts indignant retort of "women's right to vote was RESTORED!"

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