Saturday, October 26, 2019

Daredevils Border

Daredevils by Becky Brown
45" x 60"
No border

Dorry Emmer finished her top 48 hours ago.

But you might want a border

If you have pieced the dots into the corners (true Daredevils!) you will want to piece the border.

Me and EQ figured it out. My drawings aren't perfect-- I couldn't get my curves quite right in the sketch; they work in the pattern.

Ellen Frenkel's design wall.
It has been much fun watching her progress on our
Facebook group. She is appliqueing clouds on each
block with a portrait of the flying daredevil on each.

I graphed a border that finishes to 3-3/4" 
(15" blocks divided into quarters = 3-3/4")

You need 28 quarter circle blocks finishing to 3-3/4". These will match up with the quarter circles in the corners of your blocks.
I erased the lines in the plain border squares and made them rectangles finishing to 3-3/4" x 7-1/2".
Cut 14 rectangles 4-1/4" x 8"

Print this out 8-12" x 11"

If you've appliqued dots like Denniele Bohannon has
you can continue doing so.

Cut border strips 4-1/4" wide.
Cut 2 strips 53" long for the top and bottom.
Cut 2 strips 60-1/2" long for the sides.
Stitch these to the quilt.
Applique dots: 14 dots covering block corners and into borders.

See more here

Barbara Burnham's basted beauty
"Got the circles prepped, now to sew the seams together and applique the circles. Don't wait for me, 'cause I'm sewing everything by hand!," says she.