Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Maryland Quilt Show at AQSG

Detail of a Baltimore Album quilt in the collection of
Debby Cooney & Ronda McAllen

When I heard that the American Quilt Study Group was meeting
in Maryland in 2018 I knew I was going.

They made some pretty spectacular quilts in Maryland and I knew those Maryland quilt historians would hang some show-stopping examples.

These are all details from Debby & Ronda's BAQ

The woman behind the quilt show, Debby Cooney

Debby found a few albums

And showed a couple of her own collection. This is a crib quilt

I had no idea how small the reverse applique feather was until I saw it in person.

Early medallion center detail

I photographed the labels, which were quite informative
so here's a blurry example

Framed Center Medallion
About 1825
Collection of William Hearn

Private Collection
About the same time.

Reverse Appliqued Wreath
Reverse of the reverse appliqued wreath

In an album top

Peonies from the collection of Brian & Donna Ruppert

With a chintz border

Open Wreath dated 1846 by Carrie L. McCoy of Baltimore

Silk Windmill Blades signed by Mary Kroeger of Baltimore
About 1879. Collection of Stella Rubin

Crib Quilt of chintz swags and laurel leaves
Another from Stella Rubin Antiques

Medallion initialed T.A.C. from Worcester County, Maryland,
Collection of Julianne Hardy

Whitework piece also from Julianne Hardy's collection

Touching Stars with stuffed work quilting
About 1840
William Hearn Collection

Thanks to Debby and the lenders for a show worth the trip.


  1. Thanks for sharing these gems. I keep watching for more photos on Facebook. They are coming in dribs and drabs and I savor every one of them. I am NOT going to miss next year!

  2. lovely quilts...glad to see frederick county represented!

  3. Beautiful needle work and T.A.C.'s Medallion is fabulous.

  4. The broderie purse is sure fancy for a crib quilt! And that reverse applique! Wow!!

  5. Thanks for sharing these and the info, sure are beauties and wonderful to see.

  6. Wow! Love the twisting green stems. Makes for stunning borders & sashing.