Saturday, September 15, 2018

Past Perfect: Becky Goldsmith

Stars in the Garden by Becky Goldsmith of Piece O' Cake

Every month I highlight a quiltmaker who has contributed to our appreciation for antique quilt design by putting a personal stamp on reproduction quilts.

September's Past Perfect quiltmaker is Becky Goldsmith, 
half of the Piece O'Cake team with Linda Jenkins.

Dogwood Block from Stars in the Garden

I remember well the impact this particular Piece O' Cake design had on my world view.
You could piece the applique background?!?

From Linda & Becky's 2004 book Applique Delights

This simple idea done well was an influential contribution to the world of quilting.

We take it so for granted today but it was radical 15 years ago.

Backyard Birds

Blue Bullseye by Becky Goldsmith

But then again: Paper piecing giant wheels with pointy pieces is a pretty good idea too.

Bullseye Quilts From Vintage to Modern
is new from C&T Publishing this month.

She's been experimenting with circular designs for a while.

Detail from Everyday Best


Circular Momentum

The Ground as Seen From Above

Becky and Linda met in Tulsa at the local guild about 30 years ago. Becky lives in Texas and she and Linda have managed to coordinate patterns, books and mutual ideas over long distance for quite a while. They've written over 30 books. See their website for lots more information.
Becky's had a lot of great ideas:

Lorna's Garden

Leaves in the Breeze

And then there's her use of color...
Aunt Millie's Garden

Empress Feathers

She and Linda explain their color theory in several of their books.

Lawn and Garden

Love Apple Star

The Delectable Mountains


  1. I love Becky's designs and upbeat personality. It reads perfectly in her quilts!

  2. new books looks very interesting....beautiful collection of designs and quilts

  3. Thanks for the post on Becky Goldsmith and her quilts. I like her use of color
    and I see she has a book, The Quilter's Practical Guide to Color, that looks full
    of good tips and ideas.

  4. Hi Barbara, I'm honored to be your quilter of the month! I appreciate knowing that you've kept an eye on my quilts over the years. I'll be walking around with an extra spring in my step for the foreseeable future :-).

  5. I've been a fan of Becky Goldsmith and of you for a long time. Lovely choice as quilter of the month!

  6. When I decided to make a copy of a green and red quilt that I own for the AQSG challenge of 2014, I needed to hone my applique skills. I have done handwork my whole life, but had never done hand applique for quilting, and I was nervous! That's when I discovered Becky's online videos of her applique methods, provided totally free of charge on her website. Her excellent videos gave me the courage to make my copy. I watched them over and over again, ordered supplies from her wonderful website, and went to work. Although my quilt was not picked for the travelling display, it did end up on the front cover of the accompanying book! And I've been a fan of Becky's work and blog ever since. Thanks for the post, Barbara! Ginny from Harrisburg, PA

  7. I've been lucky enough to have taken a number of workshops from Becky over the years. She taught me good hand applique skills and greatly enhanced my appreciation and love of color. She turned quilt binding from a daunting chore to a joyful final touch! Her joyful approach to quilting was (and still is) so refreshing in a world of rules and quilt police. Thank you Barbara for recognizing Becky, one of my all time favorite quilt goddesses!
    - Karen Alexander from Austin, Tx

  8. I just love Becky, her quilts, and her engaging and fun teaching style. As Karen said, I've been fortunate to take several classes with Becky, and often refer back to her very well-done videos (even some for we left handers). Thanks for another great featured quilter Barbara.

  9. She is a treasure that is for sure. I love her whimsical take on traditional quilts. And her color sense is second to none!

  10. Well deserved tribute to a very talented woman! Had my first class with her in spring 2018 and the amount of knowledge she shares is amazing. Well organized and great steady energy flow throughout the class. I was so impressed! Congratulations, Becky!!

  11. I have had the pleasure of taking two classes with Becky and always tell my friends and acquaintances that she is the bes teacher I ever had. She is awesome