Thursday, September 6, 2018

Laura Wheeler's Fan

The anonymous pattern designers at the Laura Wheeler/
Alice Brooks syndicate inspired many quilters with their
Grandmother's Fan design.

This one from eBay seller French Antiques.

I posted pictures of some quilts from the first fan fad (1880-1900) a couple of weeks ago. The trend was recycled a generation later when mid-century quilters called them Grandmother's Fans, recalling their Victorian grandmas.

BlockBase #3325 will print out a pieced pattern any size.
I'd piece the fans and applique them to the background.

Collector Jonathan Holstein found one and published it as Art Deco Fans,

which describes in pretty well.
The scalloped edges were something you didn't see in the 19th-century
but they do look very Deco.

In 1935 one's Grandmother knew little about these colors in new dyes and combinations.

By Merle Blanche Ellerbe Gallagher
From the Quilt Index and the Texas project.

West Virginia project, Hattie Rebecca Worrell Blankenship
Aqua & lilac.

Nebraska project, Hannah Mathiesen Wilson
Hannah's curved quilting design seems perfect.

Drifting into the 1960s and '70s.

Amish from First Dibs


  1. All these Art Deco fans are very appealing in all those very different "takes" on fabrics...I especially like Jonathan's colorways ...thanks for sharing..what a lovely old pattern hugs, Julierose

  2. They're all beautiful.
    Hannah's curved quilting design is the perfect compliment
    for her fans.

  3. Excellent, as I love fans of all shapes and sizes.