Monday, December 4, 2017

EQ8---Electric Quilt News

The newest version of Electric Quilt, EQ8 is now available. Ask for the quilt design software EQ8 at your local quilt shop or click here to see this new program at ElectricQuilt.com.

Of course, my first question was:
Will my BlockBase program 
work with EQ8?

And Tech Support tells me it will 
link with EQ8 just like it did with EQ7.

Other news: There's an EQ Mini Version of EQ7 that
is perfect for beginners. 

Good tool to start drawing your own designs.

Tech Support tells me with the EQ Mini you can link BlockBase files too.

More News:
The EQ Mini and EQ8 are both available for MAC operating systems too!

BlockBase is a stand-alone program that is designed for Windows only---but you can copy the 4,000 pieced blocks into your MAC EQ7 or EQ8 programs.
Heidi at Tech Support says:
 To link BlockBase to EQ8 for Mac or EQ Mini for Mac you must first have BlockBase installed on a Windows computer first and then copy files to a Mac to be able to install BlockBase on a Mac. Please contact techsupport@electricquilt.com with any questions

An EQ8 Upgrade under your tree!

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  1. Boohoo! I wasn't allowed to upgrade my EQ6 to EQ7 "for my protection" European laws by the time I'd found out that upgrading was available - new laptop and a case of "where's my EQ6 book and DVD thingy"!!!! Then again I haven't used mine enough, so while all things wondrous are a happenin' - I'll be getting more practice with the prehistoric version and then I'll likely be ready for EQ21! LOL.

  2. Interesting tidbit on getting Blockbase to work on Mac - thank you!