Thursday, December 14, 2017

DWR 2: Wedding Ring/Pickle Dish

Double Wedding Ring, mid 20th century

See yesterday's post on the earliest dated DWR quilt.

Another Question:
What is the difference between a Wedding Ring and a Pickle Dish?

Pickle Dish, about 1910

We sticklers for pattern accuracy will tell you right away. Pickle Dish
has pointed triangles in the arcs (3 sided-shape), 

Pickle Dish
From a Tennessee auction

Wedding Ring has a 4-sided shape. 

Wedding Ring
Those sorta rectangles can be skinny and long

or short and squat.
Depends on the number of pieces per arc.

From Ann Wasserman's collection---2 sets of arcs!
A Pickledish

It doesn't matter what's in the squares between the arcs---it's the shape in the arc
that seems to define them.

Hovering on the edge between the definitions,
but the shapes are 4-sided. I'm sticking with Wedding Ring.

Wedding Ring
Four patches usually fill that space between the arcs in Wedding Rings,
 #303 in BlockBase

Pickle Dishes tend to have more variety in the space between
the arcs. Here's a mid-20th century top with a four patch from eBay last month.

One square in the space

A square in a square
The Pickle Dish pattern with triangles is BlockBase #304 & 305.

I counted the number of triangles when I gave these numbers in my Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, but that was silly. There is too much variation to worry about how many triangles in an arc.

A late 19th-century example that once was in Margaret Cavigga's
collection. She thought it was from Pennsylvania.

From the Wyoming Project & the Quilt Index

Pickle Dish
It's hard to believe blues could fade like this but they did.
Indigo in a few spots, synthetic blue dyes in most of it.
From the Arizona Project & the Quilt Index. Collection of the Pinal County
Historical Society.

Wedding Ring

I could go on and I think I will. Tomorrow.


Jeanne said...

I'm loving all of these! On my quilt bucket list ... maybe 2018 will be the year :)

QuiltGranma said...

you mentioned someone from a state quilt project... how can we get our antique quilts connected with them? i.e. contact information. i'm not good at research, but I know you are. thanks