Saturday, October 15, 2016

Morris Hexathon 24: Brighton Church

Morris Hexathon 24: Brighton Church by Becky Brown

I named this week's hexie Brighton Church for St. Michael's and All Angels, decorated by the firm of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner in the early 1860s.

St. Michael's original building was designed by 
George Frederick Bodley.

Philip Webb's window

Bodley hired the Morris firm to do the windows and other decorations in several of his churches. This particular church is an excellent example of how co-operatively the partners worked. Even mathematician Charles Faulkner, the firm's accountant, took part in the art. 

Morris Hexathon 24: Brighton Church by Ilyse Moore

In her biography of Edward Burne-Jones, The Last Pre-Raphaelite, Fiona McCarthy sketches "the camaraderie and experimental fervour" of the young partners:
"The Firm's work on Bodley's churches was essentially teamwork....The chancel roof...was hand-painted by Morris, Webb and Charley Faulkner, working precariously on the scaffolding. When it came to stained-glass windows Philip Webb was chiefly responsible for the overall arrangement while Morris controlled the colour and assembly of the windows in the Red Lion Square workshops."
Detail of the ceiling painting by Morris, Webb and Faulkner

This week's pattern echoes a mid-19th century quilt design. You need three templates:
a hexagon and two triangles.

Detail from Baltimore Album Quilt made for Rev & Mrs.
William George Eggleston,
in the collection of Colonial Williamsburg.

The words on the seven-star quilt block above: "Margt. Iles. Ellicotts Mills Nov. 8th 1844"

See the whole quilt here:

There is no BlockBase number for this particular star with spiky points.

Pattern for an 8" Hexagon

(4" sides)
To Print:
  • Create a word file or a new empty JPG file that is 8-1/2" x 11". 
  • Click on the image above. 
  • Right click on it and save it to your file. 
  • Print that file out 8-1/2" x 11". The hexagon should measure 4" on the sides.
  • Adjust the printed page size if necessary.
  • Add seams when you cut the fabric.

Visit St. Michael's in Brighton to see the Morris circle's work in the original church on the left here. The larger addition was built in the 1890s.

St. Michael's and All Angels Church has an online gallery of the Morris firm's work here:

One More Inspiration

Mid-19th-century hexagon quilt sold by Bonham's in England.

Some star points are fussy cut from striped fabric.


  1. This is my favorite block and the one I'm most likely to make;-) Thank you for posting the Eggleston quilt. I have a book by Sandi Fox which features some of its blocks but not the whole quilt which I always wanted to see.

  2. Thank you, Barbara. These are all so interesting, with the history you've put in. I finished #5 and am starting #6 this week!

  3. Beautiful quilt block, church and history. I