Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Baltimore Blues: City Streets, a Basket Weave

Baltimore Blues, my next Moda repro line is scheduled to come out in October
but I see that some online shops already have the 5" Charm Squares.

8344 City Streets, a basketweave pattern

You'll get several colorways of this basketweave design, which I called City Streets. Baskets were something you'd have seen on Baltimore's city streets before the Civil War.

Leonidas Campbell and sister Sarah Rush Campbell, Missouri, late 1850s.
The History Museum on the Square

Baskets were functional items. Ladies might carry a reticule (a pocketbook we said on Long Island,
a purse we say in Kansas) or a basket. Baskets were a ladylike way to hold one's purchases.

Woman dressed to go shopping
about 1860

Couple in street clothes,
bonnet, mitts and a basket and undersleeves

This woman was concerned less with fashion and more with than function.
She wears her apron under a coat and carries a small basket she might have 
made herself.

The original document print is the lighter print at the top left.
The blue-violet shade in the original was quite popular in the 1870s.
We toned it down a bit so it would fit with the other Baltimore Blues.
You'll need this print if you are doing 1840-60 quilts or 1870-1890.

See my Pinterest page Prussian Blues: Past Perfect


  1. Wonderful print to use with the florals, will have to hit the Quilted Crow when we head north, all our stores have closed.


  2. Thanks for the sharing the photos, always amazing to think of our grandmothers, great grandmothers.
    Baltimore Blues line is beautiful, thanks.

  3. another batch of gorgeous fabric! and my favorite color too...(swoooon)

  4. My Baltimore Blues layer cake arrived, and the fabrics are beautiful. Love the blues. Thank you for hosting this give away!